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Our comprehensive, integrated geoscience data service opens a window into global deepwater exploration and appraisal opportunities. iCORDS subscription delivers analytics-ready geoscience data and petroleum system insights harvested from global offshore scientific exploration and drilling activities.

Analytics Ready Data for:
Geochemistry | Chronostratigraphy | Sedimentology | Geophysics

Unlock New Opportunities with iCORDS Data

  • Scientific data and insights for asset transactions (farm in, farm outs)
  • Compare and analyze datasets regionally
  • Build an in-depth analysis for frontier regions and plays in your portfolio
  • Evaluate and characterize Deepwater Petroleum Systems globally

Your Competitive Edge

iCORDS service has aggregated and captured complete data records from over 60+ years of scientific ocean exploration and drilling programs world-wide. This data has been unified and integrated through the iCORDS curation process developed at EGI.

3,500+ deep ocean drilling sites

10 Million+ curated raw data points

380,000+ meters of comprehensive core data

5 Million+ km of global deepwater seismic